Valentines Day ....surprise your sweetheart!

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Would you like to surprise your partner by offering her a romantic, but fun weekend at a stunning hotel? Would you like to make it an unforgettable day? Would like to apologize in a happy and joyful way, so it brings you back together? Origo Mare Village Club in Fuerteventura is the perfect place and moment.. We will organize thematic activities and the universally wel known at romance-s world: Elvis inpired Weddings, Improvised Choreographies especially for lovers by our entertainers , contest that will tell how much you love your partner, bicycle excursions. In case you’re keen on intimacy, an especial menu with several options will be handed in, so you can select massages, serenades, dinner with candles, room decorated with flowers and sparkling wine.. Everything carefully and especially done in order to surprise and celebrate your union.


Studio with welcome details
Special discounts for spots and excursions
Thematic activities: flash mob , romantic music and atmosphere all over the Village Club, couple contest
Menu activities for adults(under reservation): massages, serenades, elvis weeding....